21 November 2015

It’s day 13 of my #30DaysOfWriting for MonoGame: Code Camps.

Fanny Pack’s Sprite Fonts tool has monopolized my time, but I have no regrets. It’s shaping up to become a powerful open source tool for game development. Today should be my last day on this task, though. I need to make some progress on the book while I’m off work. I won’t get an opportunity like this again before the 2016 summer camp.

The font picker dialog now supports selecting fonts, highlighting filtered fields and their text within the search results, and corrects an issue that prevented many fonts from properly loading – specifically those I mentioned in the last blog update.

One of those bug fixes was in the font scraper that was unintentionally excluding 300+ fonts from the user interface. Of course, that’s exposed several fonts that aren’t browser-friendly (which the app correctly handles and flags with a nice error message).

There are still a number of fonts that don’t properly load. The error logs indicate that the fonts are corrupt. I doubt that. I think the browser is just a bit pickier than the OS. I’ve been able to use those fonts in other apps. I’m making a note to research at a later time, and I’m leaving the errant fonts in the collection in the hopes that I’ll be able to resolve whatever the issue is.

If you know of any sources for free-for-commercial-use fonts, feel free to leave a link in the comments. I appreciate your help. I’m currently pulling fonts from the following sources:

– Joe

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