07 December 2015

My #30DaysOfWriting for MonoGame: Code Camps has come to an end.

Fanny Pack’s Sprite Fonts tool completely monopolized my time, but I have no regrets. It’s shaping up to become a powerful open source tool for game development. I expect to have a usable version of the tool posted by year’s end. Progress will be slower now that I’ve returned to work.

I don’t consider the time spent on Fanny Pack as wasted in the least. Of the three planned tools, Sprite Sheets and Sprite Fonts, will be used by every chapter of the book.

My goal is still to wrap up the book (well, the first edition) before the 2016 summer camp.

For the curious, you can check out the current iteration of the font picker dialog by visiting the preview page. If you know of any sources for free-for-commercial-use fonts, feel free to leave a link in the comments. I appreciate your help. I’m currently pulling fonts from the following sources:

– Joe

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